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You will find below, either in full text or by link, resources that I want to share that others may find helpful. 

Words and Prayers

Sacred Space
by Robert Patrick 

With this flame we enter into this moment

To kindle the flame of our souls.

Breathing in, breathing out

We journey into the sacred space that has always been here. 

We enter heart space, and all that it has born, as sacred space.

Let us find here the wisdom, the word, the work and the wonder that has been waiting for our particular yearning.

With this flame, we enter sacred space.

Spiritual Literacy in Today's World

This is an online collection of readings by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat on a variety of themes. They offer spiritual practices that help us cope wiht the challenges of life today. I have been using their earliest book, Spiritual Literacy, repeatedly since it was first published in 1996.

Discernment with the Three Cauldrons

Mystic South 2023

Here are the slides from my workshop at Mystic South: Discernment with the Three Cauldrons.  I've included here a script of the entire workshop which includes three kinds of work: 1) Spiritual practice, 2) Historical information, and 3) My reflections on practicing with this material. 

All materials here are © Robert Patrick, 2023 and may be used for personal purposes only. 

Nature and Our Faith Communities

Nature and Our Faith Communities

Presentation to faith community members of GIPL: Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, Summer 2024