Pay From the Heart

How Much Does It Cost?

I approach this question with a "pay it from the heart" perspective (which I learned from Mark Silver. This doesn't mean "pay what you want." Rather, it means "check in with your heart and find out what feels right." The aim for both of us is to feel good about what we give and what we receive. 

Others doing Spiritual Direction work in the US charge anywhere from 50.00 to 350.00 for an hour session.  I am not suggesting that you pay between 50.00 and 350.00. This is just the US context. 

What is sustainable for me as a Spiritual Director  includes the price of 75.00 for an hour session. If you can pay more than that, you are helping me support those who can pay less. 

My minimum request is 50.00. But, if this service really supports you and paying 50.00 puts your food and shelter at risk, you are invited to pay less. You REALLY can trust your heart, even if that feels vulnerable. I get it, and you don't have to explain. 

Here's how it works:

Here's an example:

When we schedule your first session, you will indicate what your payment from the heart will be.

Small Group Short Term

If you are interested in creating a short term small group experience, please email me with your interest and ideas, and I will be in touch to negotiate the details. 

Retreat Facilitation

Similarly, if you are interested in my help facilitating a group retreat, please email me with your retreat theme and focus, possible dates and location. I will be in touch to work out the details, if this is possible. This work includes the cost of my travel, housing, preparation and facilitation of the retreat. 

The range of these rates are subject to change in 2024.