Robert Patrick, M.Div., PhD 

Spiritual Direction

I offer Spiritual Direction (aka Spiritual Companioning) to individuals, couples and small groups.  Individual and couples sessions are usually ongoing, and small group work may connected to a retreat or short term gathering whether in a physical location or via zoom meetings.  If you are interested in doing Spiritual Direction work with me, talking about a short term group direction experience, or facilitating a retreat, please contact me.   


Religion and Spirituality?

Do I have to be religious in order to gain anything from Spiritual Direction?

The short answer is no--absolutely not. Two things inform my perspective on this.  The first is that every human being holds some things of value in their lives. I would say--every person holds some things close to their hearts.  These are heart connections, Cor-connections. Even if we are not aware of exactly what those things are, they reside in us.  In fact, it is often the case when we set out to explore what we hold of value, we discover that we can name something that is of highest value to us. How you do that and how I do that may differ, but we can both discover what we value most in our hearts. 

The second thing is this. I see Spirit in and through all things, all beings. So, regardless of your religious practice or tradition, or lack of any religion at all, there is an energy running through your life that is worth exploring. It is this energy that awakens us to what we value in our hearts. 

Do you work with people from a particular religious tradition?

I work with anyone who wishes to explore the meaning of their lives and the values they hold in their hearts. I work with anyone who wants to find ways to live that meaning more deeply. I am an active Unitarian-Universalist. I honor wisdom through all channels through which it may come to us. I have long been personally drawn to nature and am particularly guided by Nature-based spiritual practices. My questions do not focus on the religion or spiritual practices you have (though,  I will love to learn of those). Rather the question is: Do you wish to seek truth and meaning in your life and live it from your heart?

How It Works

If you have read this far and are curious to try spiritual direction for yourself, getting started is really easy.