Robert Patrick, M.Div., PhD 

Spiritual Direction

I offer Spiritual Direction (aka Spiritual Companioning) to individuals, couples and small groups.  Individual and couples sessions are usually ongoing, and small group work may be  connected to a retreat or short term gathering whether in a physical location or via zoom meetings. 

I love to work with people who are searching for meaning in their lives often because they have hit unexpected obstacles along the way, who have a deep yearning to connect their hearts with the things that they value most.

If you are interested in doing Spiritual Direction work with me, talking about a short term group direction experience, or facilitating a retreat, please contact me.   


Who Is Spiritual Direction For?

It can happen to us at any age. We are doing our best at living our lives, and we run into unexpected obstacles. It could be changes at work, or a long term relationship that seems to be “off.” It could just be a vague feeling when we wake up each morning that is hard to express.  Things that used to make sense to us, things that were meaningful and our anchors are disappearing or just not working for us. Sometimes it may feel like the lights are going out. Various spiritual traditions call this “the dark night of the soul.” Even if that sounds too dramatic for one’s current situation, there come times when the path we thought we were on is changing, and we need help finding our way through. 

Spiritual direction is about working with these experiences. There are some key principles that I work with  in spiritual direction and which reflect how I see the world:

Life throws us curves; sets up obstacles; seems to dead end at times, and those can be frustrating if not just scary places. When we begin to find our connection points and open our hearts to them, we begin to be clear about what’s important in our lives. Then, what to do next begins to show up, first as one step, then as several steps, and sometimes we even get to see the unfolding of the larger process. 

How It Works

If you have read this far and are curious to try spiritual direction for yourself, getting started is really easy.